Generosity. You'd think it would be easier to do if you had cash. Yet cash is simply a tool; not the topic. What do you think about when the subject of money and church are found in the same sentence? Two worlds come together when faith and spirituality are coupled with possessions and money. Normally we view dollars through a ledger; profit and loss. That’s the problem. We want to look at issues like generosity through the same lens we use when we’re buying a car or theatre tickets. 

When it comes to charitable giving we look for impact and stewardship. If I gave $20 to a homeless person or $20 to the church which would help society more? That’s a skewed lens. Neither of those actions require anything of us. You might say, “Hey I gave $20.” True. But we can do the charitable thing and not necessarily have it impact our life. It doesn’t require any changes in how you invest you. It reminds me of countries buying carbon credits so that they can continue to burn fossil fuels. It's not uncommon to want to avoid certain responsibilities. 

Generosity and control share the same space. I don’t mind being in a place where I can help you. I really don’t enjoy being in a place where I need you to help me. That is often how charitable giving works. It’s easier to give if we can avoid having expectations placed on us. ~ But that’s not who we are

Generosity isn’t just about money. Generosity is a lens. If you have it, you notice needs around you. If you don’t have it, you will constantly be evaluating how everything is impacting you.

Can you remember when others reached out and blessed you and how it marked your memory for the rest of your life ~ that someone cared for you and noticed you?

Psalm 112:5  Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.

When we forget how blessed we are, we become self-absorbed. Life will be measured by its level of inconvenience. It doesn’t leave time to pause to see how we impact life. We can forget that we are actually part of a community and for the community to be healthy, we need to be contributing to it. Society is losing the art of perseverance - sticking with something till it’s done.  When we don’t press through the hard things it weakens our character. And society becomes easily influenced by the emotions of a situation rather than the facts.