You Killed the Author of Life

“You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this.” Acts 3:15

It is so easy to jump into my day. All I have to do is pick up my phone and it’s almost too late to stop. Yet if I go without my time with you, I am unbalanced when facing the pressures of the day. 

“Pause David. ~  Think about what you are doing right now.”

I'm bringing all the clutter from yesterday along with all the tasks for today, along with the thoughts of my schedule for the rest of this month ~ and trying to squeeze them through a small hole called “quiet time with Jesus.” It’s not unlike tightening a hose nozzle to increase the water pressure. I come at you firing out all this clutter churned together, all at the same time. 

“So ~ turn off the water. Just stop. Stop the processing, wondering, worrying, planning, strategizing. Just stop and let it drain away. When you turn off the water, the pressure eases.”

l’m blank…

“So let’s talk about this day. In so many ways it is insignificant in light of history. It all comes to its end without anyone recording in the journals of time, your magnificent acts of courage and wisdom. It won't consume a blink. So why are its outcomes so important to you? Why is it so important to figure out your plans.”

Without the planning, I will be overcome by the demands on my time. I need to schedule my life or it will crush me. 

“Recalibrate that so that your capacity is unlimited. Include my capacity to carry loads into your equation. … Now think about what you can hand off to me so that your load is reasonable.” 

The reality is, I do have friends who are prepared to help. I simply never ask for help. I also have time, and if I schedule it wisely, I can meet the upcoming quotas. And then there is the rest; the things I wished I had been able to do and prepare for, but time ran out. Those I need you to carry. Help me manoeuvre through the consequences of lack of preparation.

“So let's talk about the verse you quoted. Why did you pick that verse from Acts this morning?” 

I didn’t intend to. It just stood out to me. I don’t ever remember reading it. It is such a powerful statement. ‘You killed the author of life…’ It was a concept that dwarfed all the issues in my fire hose. ‘You killed the source of life.’ It highlights stupidity; narrowness; arrogance; naivety; insensitivity…ingratitude. How could we turn around and kill the reason and source of our existence? And why did you allow it? (I know the story)

“What did they kill David?”

You. You?

“Did I cease to exist?”


“What did they kill David?”

Well,…what changed as a result of your death? Life changed. Prior to your death souls seemed to face a holding pattern. Death had a finish that declared a finality. When you rose, it changed the rules of the game. If death can’t kill me, then what died? Just my body; but even there, something new has replaced it that still has flesh and blood, can eat food and be touched ~ and just because ~ it can pass through walls and appear where and when it wants. You gave our bodies the capacity to be more divine.

“So what died?”

I think death did. It sounds strange, but death can’t kill us. 

“I think people need to realize that they can’t kill the Source of Life. Kinda like trying to break jello or squeeze mercury. Life is my domain. No one else controls it. They just steward it for their season on earth and then they return to me.” 

Well, like the verse says, I’d like to witness more of that.