"Holy Spirit, how are you today?"

What do you want people to know about?

“We’re jumping right in are we? What happened to good morning? How was your day?”

Really? You would appreciate me asking how your day was?

“Well, it would show me that you are interested in me just for me, and not in me just for you.”

Sorry. I don’t expect human emotions from you.

“Really? What makes you think that what you are feeling is sourced in human DNA? There is a piece of Creator in you and that piece is why I created you in the first place. I enjoy receiving attention from those who love me. I’m not dependent upon it, but I enjoy it.”

I kinda knew I had just set myself up by using ‘human’ in my answer. I dream at times of transcending space; to move above it somehow as an observer of everything. My imagination can take me that far. It hasn’t yet enabled me to comprehend doing that while individually engaging each of my created beings. You are still my favourite mystery.

“Remember back to when your kids started to learn things. They discovered ice-cream for the first time and the look on their face as they tasted icing on their first birthday cake. Each time you go deeper into the ‘what might be’ category, it brings me a parent’s joy.”

I’ve been told most of my life that I should find my delight in you. I’m adapting to the thought that you might find your delight in me. I’ve travelled through too many years of performance to readily grasp that the ‘me without the performance’ is all that you want. 

“I know. And I don’t take your struggle lightly. It has pained me to watch you wrestle through those times. And I am so very thankful that you are coming through them and realizing that I have your back; that you were born with nobility; that your value is your birthright. There are times in life when a person needs to pause and realize that no-one can take their worth from them. They may be treated in dehumanizing ways, but they are not any less human and any less precious.

“Those who perpetrate such indecencies are broken and lost. No one is beyond redemption. Yet not all want to be redeemed. That is my great sadness.” 

Holy Spirit. How are you today?