Moulding Clay

2 Corinthians 4:7“We have this treasure from God, but we are like clay jars that hold the treasure. This shows that the great power is from God, not from us.”

It’s always good for me to pause and compare myself to you: doing a reality check in times of blessing and struggle. When everything is running smoothly, it is easy to forget that you are the wind in my sail. When the dark times come, it is easy to forget that you are the sure path under my feet and the light that is set before me, pointing me in the right direction. 

“Good morning David. Listen for a moment. Close your eyes and tell me what you hear.”

I hear street noise. It often is an interruption for me. At times I can convince myself it sounds like the wind moving through mountain forests. I hear the sound of moving water from my pond and the singing of various songbirds (and crows). ~ Man-made noise competing against natures medley.

“Which sounds do you prefer?”

That would be easy. I love the sounds of creation and nature.

“Which do you produce?”

… I need to think about that. To be honest, when I am conscious of you, I think I blend well into creation. When I’m not conscious of you, I manufacture noise. 

“Do you prefer one over the other?”

The first seems to flow more naturally; in harmony with what was meant to be. The latter sounds more like an interruption of stillness. Sometimes…often imposing itself on the other.

“This is your window David to look through. It is an open heaven glance at what is meant to be; to see how some things have been distorted, and others are actually being attacked. All that is made has been made with a purpose. It has been made good and beautiful. It brings me pleasure. You know the story of its demise. I think “The Fall” describes it best. I’ve completed all that is necessary for creation to be healthy. Yet for it to be healed, it needs to germinate within itself. The broken needs to want to be restored. It needs to reach out and take, and apply the salve to its wound and allow the healing to take place.  ~ David, do you understand what I am teaching you?”

It's not unlike trying to look through the glass in my bathroom window. It's a frosted pane.

“The sounds you hear are a metaphor of life: some resonate what was meant to be. They are soothing and ancient. They reverberate from within. Some are a blend of new, flowing in harmony with the original. These are sounds that been restored; a positive appendage to creation. Yet there are noises that don’t belong. They are an intrusion, a violation of what was meant to be. Depending on where you live, your capacity to hear my voice, my song, my affirmations and instructions, will vary. As you move into the world of human noise, it is harder to hear my voice.” 

So what does good noise sound like when I am in congested areas? 

“It’s not your location that determines the quality and content of what you hear. It is the filter you choose to apply. You can be in the most oppressive of sounds and still be able to hear my voice. I AM the voice behind the noise. Life is about learning to hear what most others miss. I’ve mentioned this ability often. If you have ears to hear, then listen ~ you will hear the intended, the authentic, the sound from which all creation formed.”

You realize that I can go through much of my day and never pause to distinguish what I am hearing.

“I know, and that is why I’ve brought it up today. I have crafted you, as a jar of clay. I have moulded you; shaped you. And given you the capacity to caring this precious gift. If you understood its worth, you would cherish it more than you have.”

What have you given me? Are you talking about your voice?

“No, I am talking about my Filter. Holy Spirit removes the impurities and particles that are intended to clog and pollute your life. No one can contain my Voice. From my voice, you were formed. From my voice, all stars were hurled into space. From my voice, you have heard of my love. My love for you. Your worth to me. And our shared harmony, spun together into a beautiful sound. The sound of the redeemed inheriting their birthright. The sound of innocence being reborn. The sound of justice mingled with grace, spreading out and crushing arrogance and greed. 

“Listen. Listen to the sounds around you. What are you hearing?”