Reflections on Holiness and Wholeness

by David Collins 

canadian best-seller!

    Finally a resource that both informs and guides us through the examination of our deepest convictions about God. Bridge the gap between knowing something and being convinced of it. Knowing is head knowledge, believing is heart knowledge, and conviction is the two combined in action.      

     Reflections: Holiness/Wholeness provides us with a sacred space to discover some missing pieces in how we perceive life. Through teaching and reflection, we are given the opportunity to look honestly at our beliefs, and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us toward convictions that shape our lifestyle to reflect the longings of God's heart.

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Reviews of "Reflections"

William Young, author of The Shack, says, 

“ Many nuggets are hidden in these pages, awaiting the opening of heart and soul of those seeking real treasure."

Pastor Mark Buchanan adds,

 “ Jesus never strutted knowledge. Mostly, he told subversive stories and asked piercing questions. David does likewise.”

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