Digging Deeper

We all have our feet in a number of commitments (family, business, social, community, church). To a certain degree, those pressures often force us to operate on autopilot through some of our decision making. We have been taught many things in life but only truly believe a small percentage of them (our worldview.)


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These workshops: 

  • Help you clarify what you actually believe. They don't give you the "right" answer.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and tools to recognize the source behind your decisions.
  • Help you determine how closely your motive is aligned to your love for God.
  • Release you from burdens you may be carrying, such as guilt, performance expectations, or even simply a tendency to rationalize away responsibility for decisions we make.
  • Give clarity or fresh convictions regarding Christian vocation vs. Christians doing work. 
  • Provide you with clarity regarding God's desire for your city and some very practical understanding as to how you can live out your faith in real life. 


This four part DVD series contains 8 sessions:            

  1. "Renewing Our Mind" Sessions 1&2
  2. "Thinking that Shapes Us" Sessions 3&4
  3. "Principles of Sustainable Change" Sessions 5&6
  4. "Thinking that Shapes Us" Sessions 7&8

Check out the intro to the Digging Deeper series: