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Pause a moment and think back, from your earliest memory until now. Mine is a whirlwind of life; full, rich, unique in many ways. It has been a constant invitation to discover me. Not the "me" some have tried to label. Not the "me" that left me disappointed, wishing that my insufficiencies weren't so defining. Rather, I have come to realize that God has a view of me that stems from his intent. It's surprising, refreshingly safe and still, even at my age, filled with possibility. I have lived many lifetimes in many countries, in war and in peace; in poverty and with incredible opulence. I've witnessed humanity at our worst and have been humbled by the generosity of the oppressed. We have suffered and we have laughed. But this I now know: God has become

knowable, personal, intimate. He has become my daily companion and he has taught me many things I wished I had learned sooner. And now I sense he has suggested that I share these things with you. So I offer to any who so desires, my glimpses with God. My hope is that this site becomes like a warm blanket on a cool evening and as challenging as a spring salmon on a fly rod. One is safe, the other requiring delicate skill. Yet both add meaning to life. Walk with me if you wish. Share your thoughts and ask your questions. We travel the same road. It's my road and your road, leading us to the heart of God that embraces us as precious.

I find life in nature. I’m drawn to solitude. Sliding the blade of my paddle through the water without making a sound. Gliding my canoe on a glassy lake as the fog is lifting early in the morning. Disturbing a heron and watching it lift into the air in front of me. I was taught to value the wonder of creation and that value continues to bring me joy every day of my life. 

Many ask me what I do and I always struggle to find an appropriate answer. I don't see life through the lens of programs or vocation. My world focuses more on motive and intent. I honestly care very little about what I do. Yet I am passionate about why I am choosing to do it and that it is done in a way that brings life to those that are touched by things I do.

I’m a collector; a collector of things that are hard to part with; of things that are difficult to sell and too emotionally valuable to discard. As I contemplate downsizing, I wrestle with how to part with treasures that most call “stuff”. For example, in the ’70’s I had a roommate who’s parents were missionaries in Irian Jaya (Papua New Guinea). His father was killed by cannibals and his mother chose to remain and love the ones who had inflicted that pain. I asked him once to bring me back some arrows from those cannibal tribes. He did ~ and I still have them ~ and no one else wants them ~ and I can’t landfill them, nor do I think a consignment store would know what to do with them. It’s strange to realize that my treasures might best be donated to museums rather than garbage dumps. Understand the reality of that sits in my soul and gratitude surrounds me as I see these treasures that display my history each day before my eyes.

I was taught to value the wonder of creation and that value continues to bring me joy every day of my life.

I love the adventure of the find. Thus I gold pan, buy at auctions, look in thrift stores. I look for detail and try to notice things easily overlooked. I also approach reading the Bible that way. Have you ever read a few verses and found they created questions in your head? I’ve simply made the decision to not read past my questions. I have no problem staying in a verse or on a word for long periods of time until I can resolve the question that has arisen. 



• Authors I read: Henri Nouwen

• Movies I've enjoyed: The Intern

• Food I love: Yes. (Except raw onions.)

• My Favourite Dessert: (All offers accepted.) Lemon Meringue Pie - made with real lemons (not from a box.)

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