Becoming Intentional Workshop

Where do we go after taking the Digging Deeper workshops? Becoming Intentional is the four part discipleship series developed specifically for alumni of the Digging Deeper workshop series. It continues to be casual and interactive, drawing out the wisdom of each participant.

1. Becoming a Strong Leader: We were never intended to work alone. This workshop focuses on developing strong relationships with those of shared conviction. It provides a solid Biblical foundation for the shaping of our community's culture and how our presence both brings the Kingdom of Heaven into any environment and how it then influences and shapes that culture by the presence of the Spirit of God.

2. Living Above the Snake Line: We explore the relationship that exists with belief, wisdom and generosity. Jesus said the work that God desires us to do is to believe the one he sent. If all we had to do for God was actually believe all that we know about Jesus, would our lives change much? As we grasp the significance of these three concepts, we begin to see God's divine plan being laid out in front of us. 

3. Healing: Most have prayed for it. Many don't expect it? What does the Bible actually say about it and should we expect more in our faith journey than we do? 

4. The Prophetic: Many are slow to speak on behalf of God. Examining the Biblical story through the lens of individuals who both heard him speak and repeated his words to others, we begin to discover that we hear more from God than we may realize. Prophesy is always meant to enrich the lives of those who are spoken to. These are words that find the gold in the dirt. It is a critical component for health among God's people and an important topic to become familiar with.

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