Out of the Box

by David Collins

In his previous book (Canadian Best Seller Reflections: Holiness/Wholeness) David Collins introduced his readers to the quest to know God more intimately. This second book in the series leads readers deeper into that quest. Out of the Box is based on a simple assumption: The knowledge of God is vast and largely undiscovered. There are immense oceans of truth still waiting to be found. This book is meant to push the boundaries of your journey thus far with God and suggest mysteries that are still to be revealed.


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Reviews of "Out of the Box"

Mark Buchanan, author of  'Your Church Is Too Safe', says,

 “ David can console and startle in equal measure, sometimes in the same sentence. If you're looking for a collection of bland platitudes, choose another book. If you could use a jar of spiritual hot chili peppers, you're holding it.” 

Darrow Miller, author, co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance, says,

“ David’s new book will challenge you to reflect more deeply and think more widely. It is a wonderful encouragement for each of us to face our hard days with a fresh spirit.”                    

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