Digging Deeper Testimonials


If you want to be Challenged

"For anyone who wants to be confronted and challenged in their perspective and worldview of it means to be 'a Christian', this course will deliver, by the power of the Holy Spirit." -Robert

Has opened up my eyes to the truth God wanted to show me 

"The Digging Deeper series has really opened up my eyes to the truth God wanted to show me. I learned how easy it was to have that close, intimate relationship with God, that I've always desired but never knew how to achieve. I was amazed at how many lies i believed about myself, and about God. Digging Deeper is truly a life transforming experience, and it has brought joy into my walk with God." -Jessica

Moving From My Brain to My Soul

"I’m very thankful to God for leading me to this course.  He really is renewing my mind, which he has been doing for years already, but this teaching has helped get some of what was in my brain into my heart/soul.  Just to give you a few examples:  I have always known that God is in everything but this course helped that sink in and has given me a new excitement about him being in every aspect of my life.  I’ve always known that I’m God’s workmanship, ‘special’ but deep down there were often doubts, that (not the doubts!) is  being renewed in me too. All of the teaching has been impactful, changing the ways I think about God, myself and his power. I’ve loved God for a long time and have always wanted to obey and serve him but this has helped to put more confidence and excitement for him in my life and for my service to others. I’m still reviewing the notes and verses and the book “Reflections”, and through that God keeps on encouraging me too. There is a lot about the course that I appreciate:  the use of Scripture, the gentleness and honesty and the way of leading us to think deeper." -Gertie Fictorie

I Always Credit Digging Deeper Workshops 

"In all the personal testimonies I've shared in the last year, I always credit Digging Deeper workshops with being a major key of my transformation in my journey with Christ. It's so helpful in the ways it gives me tangible ideas and thoughts regarding what it means to have true relationship with God; to see God in a different way, and to take him out of the 'box'. Before last year, I struggled to even find 1 person to talk with about God or anything spiritual. Nowadays, there's hardly a day goes by that I do not get to share. My prayer life has radically changed, and I create time each day to soak in his presence. I've also gone from a regular Sunday church attender to be more involved in my church community. I've just finishing a 10 month leadership program, actively involved in the college ministry, and now am gearing up in organizing a short term mission trip this fall. "  -Tim Li 

Profound Personal Impact

"Words cannot adequately express  all that is ruminating in my heart as a result of God using the Digging Deeper Discipleship Workshops as a catalyst in my life to experience what it means to enter into His kingdom. (Previously I always felt that I was on the outside looking in, but not worthy to enter.) My life has been profoundly impacted and my mind is in the process of being renewed, as I allow the Father to replace my attitudes, values and beliefs about myself, with His beliefs and values about me. The reflective exercises have enabled me to identify places in my heart that are wounded, and have started me on a journey to wholeness in Him. I have gained a transformed perspective of the Christian life, and have moved from being a believer in Jesus, to a disciple of Jesus. Praise God, He truly does make the crooked paths straight in our lives, if we invite Him to do so."  -Edith Quapp

Becoming Intentional Testimonials


For those who want to deepen their relationship with God 

"These workshops have caused me to become more aware of living in the presence of God. I enrolled because I wanted to better understand what God is actually doing in my life and to be more engaged in furthering his Kingdom. The results have been an intentionality to follow through with action! That is an outcome of becoming more conscious of walking in the Spirit." -Jenny

For Everyone

"I came to these workshops because I needed to. I recognize a new boldness that has caused me to become more involved in my community and to tell more people about my walk with God. My expectations of God's involvement in my life have become more clear and specific." -Stef

If you desire more of God, or are curious about him... 

"I have become motivated to be intentional. These workshops have helped the way I think. It is a renewal process. I recognize the nudges of God and I am paying attention to them. I am able to tap more effectively into all God has for me and to experience him and enjoy letting him work through me." -Gertie

If You REALLY long to abide in Christ... 

"I have changed because of these workshops. My entire spirit is searching for Christ in everything, every part of my life. I intend to walk in a prophetic culture, expecting the Presence of God to surround me all the time. I have come to realize that God has designed me to be a person of influence. The Holy Spirit has empowered me to step into his presence daily! " -Heather


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